Castlewater Wood, Co. Antrim

11th June 2021

Entrance Hall

③ Kitchen / Dining

④ Utility Room


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Floors tiled using:

TOROSE Gris 150×900

Kitchen Splashback tiled using:

ESERINE Blanco 100×300

Utility Splashback tiled using:

HERITORS Grey 320×625

WC Splashback tiled using:

HERITORS Green 320×625

⑦ Ensuite

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Ensuite tiled using:

TODDY Blanco 450×450

TODDY Blanco 300×600

TODDY Honor Blanco 300×600

⑪ Bathroom

⑫ Hotpress

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Bathroom Walls tiled using:

ZULECH Blanco 300×900

ZULECH Huely Blanco 300×900

Bathroom Floor tiled using:

TEMPRA Carpel Rect. 600×600