[76970] Mixing Paddle M100-R 3H Zn

The wide range of rods for mixing cementitious mortars and other materials of high density or low fluidity of RUBI, includes galvanized rods. This range of mixing rods for mortars, thanks to the galvanized finish, prevents oxidation of the rod, extending the life of it. In addition, by not wearing any physical coating, there is no risk of contaminating the resulting mixture.

Product highlights

  • Equipped with triple blade propeller. Performance 15% greater than the equivalent of 2 blades.
  • Less effort in the mixing. More life for the electric mixer.
  • It generates less vibrations. Greater comfort
  • Made from galvanized steel . Reduces OXIDATION of the paddle and POLLUTION of the mixture.


  • To mix mortars and cementitious adhesives.


  • The action of the mixer sucks the material from the base, inside the head, returning it from the outside with a movement (inside / outside) that allows us to obtain a homogeneous mixture free of air bubbles.
  • Connection with M14 thread.
  • Adaptable to all RUBIMIX * and other mixers on the market. (* Except RUBIMIX-9 DUPLEX and RUBIMIX-50-N)