[88911] “Rubberbuck” Industrial Rubber Bucket – 15L

The rubber cubes “RUBBERBUCK” are ideal for use on site thanks to their resistance and easy cleaning.

The main use of RUBI-KANGURO rubber buckets “RUBBERBUCK” is the measurement and transport of liquids, although, thanks to its great resistance to abrasion and impact by deformation, they are very useful for the management of debris on site or reforms.



  • Embossed scale.
  • Handles with a rounded shape. Greater comfort.
  • With spout to prevent spillages when pouring.
  • Walls are reinforced with ribbing.
  • With reinforced rim for greater resistance.
  • Wooden handle grip. Greater comfort.
  • Greater wall thickness (14mm). Greater resistance.
  • Highly resistant metal handle.
  • Clear wire handle with protected ends. Does not get in the way.
  • Walls are reinforced with ribbing.