[88932] “Gaveta” Rubber Tray – 12L

RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawers are designed for use in the tile laying process or for any other work with cement, mortar or plaster.

The handles of great thickness, of the RUBI-KANGURO drawers and their rounded geometry provide a greater resistance of the product, in general, and improve the comfort in its handling.



  • For manual mixing mortars.
  • Very thick handles. Greater resistance.
  • With ergonomic handles to facilitate transport.
  • Capacity of 2 L, with ergonomic handles for easy transportation.
  • Handles with a rounded shape. Greater comfort.
  • Material: high strength rubber.
  • Material: high strength and flexibility rubber.
  • Not suitable for food transport.
  • Dimensions: 410 mm. top diameter, 210 mm. base diameter, 140 mm. height.
  • Not suitable for food transport.