Silicone Color

Silicone Color

Decorative sealant for tiles and mosaic in 50 design colours. Green product for bio‑building.

Silicone Color develops a high degree of adhesion to non absorbent surfaces, guaranteeing the integrity and watertightness of ceramic and porcelain coverings subject to deformation.

~ Anti‑mould

~ High chromatic stability

~ Resistant to freezing

~ Ideal to seal porcelain and ceramic tiles

~ Ideal for swimming pools and for permanent contact with water

~ Available in 50 colours

Areas of application

~ Elastic, waterproof sealing of expansion and connection joints on:

~ porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats

~ bathroom fittings, showers

~ metal doors and windows

~ glass and fibreglass

Intended use

For internal and external use, including
environments subject to freezing, on fractionizing, expansion and connection joints in tile coverings on balconies, terraces, internal floors, aquariums and swimming pools.

Do not use on natural stone, cement-based substrates, rubber, plastic and bituminous components or materials that weep oils, solvents and plasticizers. It is recommended that a test be carried out before application on sensitive metal surfaces such as copper, silver and relevant alloys. In the realisation of joints subject to abrasion. For façades.


See coverage table on pack and technical data sheet

Pack Sizes

310ml / Tube

Shelf Life

24 months