Corner – 237x237x194 (mm)

Border – 281×194 (mm)

Sheet – 300×300 (mm)

  • 96×96 (mm)
  • 64×64 (mm) 6D
  • 4TR 93×93 (mm)
  • 1TR 45×45 (mm)


14 – Black

16 – White

21 – Ochre Yellow

29 – Coffee Brown

To order:

Email the plans/designs of the area you wish to tile and the design you wish to use to to allow TopCer’s Design Dept. to produce an AutoCAD Drawing of the area.

Call our Randalstown office on +44 (0)28 9447 2140 or +44 (0)28 9447 3040 for more info on this process.

Please note: Every TopCer AutoCAD Design is made bespoke to your specifications – please allow 10-14 days (Approx.) for your plan to be produced. Lead-time from ordering will be a further 14-21 days from date of order.

Please Note: Unless otherwise specified on each respective design, the standard joint between the pieces in sheet mounted modules are 4mm. All design components are supplied in 8mm thickness.

Colours on each pattern can be customized, providing the colour in the same components is used in other designs or in stock. (In General; Octagons, Hexagons, 6D Squares, Triangles, Strips and Lozenges are not available in Granite/Speckled colours – See ‘Stock Availability’ for full info on available pieces).