Customer Projects

McCartneys Tiles Randalstown Customer Projects

As tile retailers, we take pride in making our customers’ dream home a reality. We rarely get to see the finished project once the job is complete however, we are always so appreciative when our customers send us through images of their final product.

Take a look at some of these stunning finished projects sent to us by our valued customers!

Using: BELDAM Beige 3-size mix | TODDY Blanco Range
Using: STONY Light Grey 600x600 | ROYSE Gris 600x600 | WACKOS Forest Pul. 600x600 | ICON Silver 300x600 | ICON Grey Mix 200x200
Using: CALCUTTA Blanco 600x600 | VILLEJO Rose 65x200 | CASA Pearl Range
Using: BELDAM Beige 3-size mix | METROPOLIS Greige Range
Using: TRUST Silver Natural Rect. 600x600 | COUNTESS Patch 132x132 | TODDY Blanco Range
Using: STOA Light Grey 600x600 | LAOLA Range
Using: ICON Grey Mix 200x200 | ICON Silver Rect. 800x800 | ZULECH Blanco Range | REVERSE Crystal Rect. 600x600 | CHROMA Hex Blu 151x173
Using: ESERINE Gris 100x300
Using: ARKOS Gris Rect. 300x600
Using: DENIM Blanco Range
Using: TOROSE Gris 150x900 | ESERINE Blanco 100x300 | TEMPRA Carpel Rect. 600x600 | ZULECH Blanco Range | TODDY Blanco Range
Using: METROPOLIS Blanco/Perla Rect. 600x600 | CONDAL 04 200x200 | PEDRERA 02 Navy 200x200 | LOGAL Beige Range
Using: TRUST Grey Lappato Rect. 600x600 | TODDY Blanco Range | BELLINO Perla Range
Using: BELDAM Marron Rect. 450x900 | BIRD Eagle Taupe 200x600 | TODDY Blanco Range | TODDY Natural Range
Using: REIMS Blanco Range
Using: BELDAM Beige 3-size mix | VILLEJO White 65x200 | MALTOSE Aqua 110x250 | TEMPRA Smoke Range
Using: TEMPRA Gris Rect. 600x600 | TEMPRA Carpel Rect. 600x600
Using: KINGSTON Gris Rect. 600x600 | CASA Range
Using: ATIC Perla 600x600
Using: NATIVE Gris Natural Rect. 600x600 | VILLEJO Silver 65x200 | CASA Range
Using: TRUST Beige Natural Rect. 600x600 | CLASSIC 200x200
Using: TEMPRA Gris 300x600 | TEMPRA Gris Rect. 600x600 | PAVAN WOOD White 225x450
Using: NEBULUS White 98x593 | HERITORS Black 320x625 | METOLI Range
Using: NORSE Gris 600x600 | CASA Range
Using: NATIVE Perla Gloss 600x600 | CODY Range
Using: BELDAM Beige 450x450 | BELDAM Beige Decora 300x600 | BELDAM Gris Rect. 450x900 | TRUST Grey Range | REIMS 25 Gris Range
Using: NORSE Gris 600x600 | VIETTA Gris 300x600 | METOLI Range | TODDY Blanco Range
Using: CALCUTTA Blanco 600x600 | Marble Blanco Bevel 100x300 | BAYOU Range
Using: LAOLA Blanco 608x608 | LAOLA Blanco Decora 333x550 |TODDY Blanco Range | MAIAO Gris Range
Using: TRUST Silver Nat. Rect. 600x600 | Bevel Blanco 100x300 | TODDY Blanco Range | CODY Blanco Range
Using: CALCUTTA Blanco 600x600 | STONY Lt Grey 600x600 | FULMAR Gris Lapp. Rect. 600x600 | CHROMA Hex Blu 151x173 | Marble Gris Bevel 100x300
Using: JULI Gris 200x200 | VILLEJO White 65x200
Using: TRUST Grey Lapp. Rect. 600x600 | HERITORS Black 320x625 | Marble Blanco Bevel 100x300 | CASA Pearl Range
Using: VAGAR Ash 230x1200
Using: SUMIT Basalto Rect. 600x600 | LAVA Range
Using: SARDINIA Range
Using: FORAGER Castano 150x800
Using: MARMOREA Estaturio Pulido Rect. 600x600 | TRUST Grey Muretto Rect. 300x600
Using: EGIPTO Karn Gris Rect. 600x1200
Using: TEMPRA Carpet Rect. 600x600
Using: BALTIMORE Chiselled White 333x800
Using: TEMPRA Smoke Range
Using: WILLOW Grey 240x880
Using: ICON Brown Lapp. Rect. 600x600
Using: PLOCK Deco 600x600