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Natural Finish


Also known as matt. This is used to describe a tile with a non-shiny surface. A matt surface diffuses light; when light is reflected off a matt surface it is spread out over a wide area, which creates a flat, non-glossy finish.

Lappato Finish


also known as semi-polished or honed. They are partially polished tiles with fewer iterations of polishing wheels used than fully polished tiles, giving these ranges a stunning speckle look when under direct light.

Glossy Finish


A glossy glazed, or fully polished tile has a reflective surface and can brighten up any space. They are easy to clean and can add a sense of luxury and a very modern feel.

Anti-slip Finish


Also known as a grip or relieve finish. Ranges marked with this symbol have been treated with a coating that reduces the slipping risk. These tiles work well in areas that might be exposed to water or moisture, which can increase slippage. These ranges are ideal for outdoor and/or commercial use.


Pressed Edge


A pressed edge is sometimes referred to as a cushion edge, this describes the tile where the surface edge still has the curved edge caused by the factory’s press during manufacturing. Pressed edge tiles have wider grout joins and rounder corners ideal for a feature.

Rectified Edge


Rectified tiles are tiles that have been manufactured to a very precise tolerance. This means they are cut to near exact measurements with a near-perfect straight edge.

Chiselled Edge


A chiselled edge refers to a tile that has been chipped deliberately to create an aged, antique look. These rough, irregular edges are intended to give the tile a more weathered appearance – perfect for that country cottage or chateau stone style!