75×450, 200×1200, 265×1800 (mm) Porcelain Rect.

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Range Specifications


8.00 mm



9.00 mm












This Range includes:

Pieces suitable for

both Wall & Floor tiling

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A creative ceramic tribute to the essence of American walnut. Naturalness and experimentation work together to generate a unique material because it’s simple yet infinitely varied, balanced yet visually so powerful.

265×1800 (mm) Porcelain Rect.

(Large format porcelain priced to specifications, available on request)

Colour Composition


Light Walnut


Blonde Walnut


Dark Walnut

Range Pieces

WOODSY 75×450 available in 3 colours:

| Natural / Matt Finish

ZRF141* WOODSY Light Walnut 75×450
ZRF141* WOODSY Blonde Walnut 75×450
ZRF141* WOODSY Dark Walnut 75×450

WOODSY Rect. 200×1200 available in 3 colours:

| Natural / Matt Finish

ZRF140L WOODSY Light Walnut Rect. 200×1200
ZRF140B WOODSY Blonde Walnut Rect. 200×1200
ZRF140D WOODSY Dark Walnut Rect. 200×1200

Woodsy | PLUS+

WOODSY Rect. 265×1800 available in 3 colours:

| Natural / Matt Finish

Special Order WOODSY Light Walnut Rect. 265×1800
Special Order WOODSY Blonde Walnut Rect. 265×1800
Special Order WOODSY Dark Walnut Rect. 265×1800

*To ensure we get your order spot on – Please reference the colour you desire when requesting a quote for this range!

Packing Information


Pieces per Box

Metres per Box

Kilograms per Box

Boxes per Pallet

Metres per Pallet

Kilograms per Pallet

Unfortunately, there is currently no Packing Information available for this range.

Please ask in-store for more details.

Please note: The manufacturer reserves the right to modify this packing list – without prior notice – as per the terms and conditions of the order. Please check in store for up-to-date packing information if required.