SONAS Sanitaryware Guide

Sanitaryware Guide

Close Coupled – Open Back

A Closed Coupled Open Back style WC has the pan and cistern closely coupled together with the necessary clearance space for your waste pipe. This provides more fexibility for your pipework and can be easily accommodated within most bathrooms.

Full Pedestal Basin

Full Pedestal Basins are attached to your wall. Equipped with a floor mounted pedestal, these basins provide a shroud to conceal your pipework and easily harmonise with the rest of your space.

Close Coupled – Fully Shrouded

A Closed Coupled Fully Shrouded toilet has the pan and cistern closely coupled together. In this design, the pan is seen to meet with your wall. This allows you to conceal your bathroom pipework.

Semi Pedestal Basin

Semi Pedestal Basins are wall hung basins secured to a supporting wall. They conceal pipework that returns through the wall with a semi pedestal that does not reach the floor. These basins provide your bathroom with more foor space.

Wall Hung

Wall hung toilets are installed by mounting them on the wall, resulting in a more spacious bathroom layout. To install them, a sturdy fast fx frame is placed behind the wall, which can support up to 400kg of weight. The fushing mechanisms of these toilets can be conveniently accessed through a push plate.

Countertop Basin

Countertop Basins positioned on top of a countertop unit or shelf are best paired with a tall basin tap, or wall mounted tap. The SONAS range of countertop basins are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Back To Wall

Back To Wall toilets are a great space saving technique. The main difference between this style and the Closed Coupled toilet is that the cistern is concealed behind your bathroom wall, or placed in a furniture WC unit.

Undermounted Basin

An undermounted basins sits under your surrounding countertop, which is a popular solution for a custom-built vanity application. This style of basin is easy to clean and creates a beautiful aesthetic.

Comfort Height

The SONAS Comfort Height WC collection stands a little taller than regular height toilets. The additional elevation makes accessing the pan easier, and more comfortable to use.

Corner Basin

Corner Basins ft into a right-angled wall corner of your bathroom. They are attached to the wall and often have no pedestal. Bottle Traps can be added to house your pipework. These basins are perfect for cloakrooms or smaller bathrooms.

Short Projection

These WCs are the perfect solution if you are short on space. They are standard toilets, but extend less. The SONAS range of Short Projection WCs allow you to maximise your space without compromising on quality and functionality.