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Suction Cups

Fitting large-format or heavy tiles? A suction cup or two will make your life 10x easier! These suction cups adhere strongly to the surface of any tile (provided its not too rough that is), allowing you to lift, move, and position your tiles with ease! Why not try our NEW Battery-Powered Suction Cups? The same (or better) suction with half the effort!


A wash boy is essentially a bucket on wheels, this allows for easy movement of water to wipe down your floor after its grouted. The addition of rollers also enables you to clean off your sponges as needed.

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TileRite TSC188 VACUUM SUCTION CUP 200MM. Size: 200mm, Lifting Capacity: 110kg
TileRite BVSC731 BATTERY VACUUM SUCTION CUP 210MM. Size: 210mm, Lifting Capacity: 130kg
TileRite DSC927 DOUBLE ABS SUCTION CUP 117MM. Size: 117mm, Lifting Capacity: 70kg