ALL AROUND Stone | Outdoor

ALL AROUND Stone | Outdoor

600x1208x20 (mm) Porcelain Rect.

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Range Specifications


9.00 mm


(R10 Rated)






This Range includes:

Outdoor Porcelain

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Surround yourself with beauty inspired by nature
All Around captures every slightest vibration of the natural elements that surround us. Earth, wood and stone give life to a large ceramic project, divided into 3 aesthetic inspirations crossed by intense material suggestions, which can be combined with each other, and in 13 contemporary, genuine and enveloping nuances.

Rarefied atmospheres, essential volumes and nuanced surfaces, welcoming and soothing spaces. Taking suggestions from raw earth and concrete, between neutral colors and richly shaded color accents, All Around restores all the charm of handmade surfaces.

Outdoor Pieces

ALL AROUND Stone Rect. 600x1208x20 available in 3 Colours:

| Grip / Anti-slip Finish (R11)

Special Order
ALL AROUND Stone Ivory Rect. 600x1208x20
Special Order
ALL AROUND Stone Grey Rect. 600x1208x20
Special Order
ALL AROUND Stone Dark Rect. 600x1208x20

*To ensure we get your order spot on – Please reference the colour you desire when requesting a quote for this range!

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