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Tile Spacers & Levelling Systems

Tile spacers are the absolute basis of any good tiling job! These inexpensive spacers, both X and T-shaped, ensure every tile that you lay is in line with the previous. Or maybe you've encountered an unlevel floor? No floor is truly level, which is a pain as, when tiling, this is a must! Whether you use our floor levelling substrates, or prefer to use some of the massive range of levelling systems below, the choice is yours!


TileRite’s range of dry-cutting discs have flown off our shelves! Whether you’re looking for a specialised blade to finish off a rough edge, or a general, good all-rounder to chop through your tile like a hot knife through butter, we’ve got what you need!

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Tile Spacers

TileRite TSL482 2mm x 100 Spacers
TileRite TSL483 2mm x 250 Spacers
TileRite TSL485 3mm x 100 Spacers
TileRite TSL486 3mm x 250 Spacers
TileRite TSS214 2mm x 250 T-Spacers
TileRite TSS215 3mm x 250 T-Spacers
TileRite TSW279 Spacer Wedges
TileRite HSS946 Horseshoe Shims

Levelling Systems

TileRite WLS928 T-SPIN Wall Level Spacers
TileRite BSHSK179 Big Spin Hurricane 2mm Std Starter Kit
TileRite BSK021 Big Spin Level System Starter Kit
TileRite LST856 2mm Standard-Height Levelling Spacers 100pcs
TileRite LST881 2mm Standard-Height Levelling Spacers 250pcs
TileRite LSW851 Levelling Wedges 100pcs
TileRite LSP848 Levelling Pliers
TileRite FLP887 Floor Levelling Pegs